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How to groom cats

Being single can be very lonely especially when you get home from work and have nothing to do at home and you have to spend the time or the weekend alone. However, cats have proven to be very special companions for humans because they are known to be very affectionate and gentle. Some of the best breeds that are ideal for singles include the Ragdoll and Russian Blue both of which are very loving, playful and intelligent. They will ensure that you never feel lonely again but you have to create enough time for them and be certain they are well groomed in return.

In nature, they are very clean and it is likely that in one time or another you have seen them lick their fur to remove dirt. Although they are known to spend most of their time licking themselves, we need to properly brush and comb their hair because their licks are not enough. The kitten comb is used to untangle the hair knots while the brush is used fluff the fur to clean it and make it neat.

When grooming your cat, don’t forget to clean the ears and the teeth just the same way you never forget to clean yours. Use a cotton swab to clean the ears and get rid of wax and dirt but make sure that you don’t go deeper than you can see because the feline may get hurt or you may damage its hearing. Clean its ears once a month and make sure to put cotton balls in the ears to prevent any entry of water.

Just like human mouth, the cats’ mouth is very dirty because they intake different types of food through it and therefore, failing to brush their teeth leads to bacteria build up. Brush their teeth every week using brush but ensure you do it slowly because the feline may be uncomfortable until it gets used to it. Make sure that the sessions are kept as brief as possible. Grooming your cat will help to strengthen the bond between you and the feline.

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